Reclaimed Barn Wood Coffee Table w/ "H" Style Legs

Reclaimed Barn Wood Coffee Table w/ "H" Style Legs


There is something about these timeless "H" style legs with a reclaimed barn wood topper! So many stain options to pontification with our blackened hand crafted legs! 

Our modern reclaimed coffee table is a beautiful statement piece.  This table will be the central focus of any room.

Each piece  of metal is hand cut, welded and finished with a hand-held grinder.  This exquisite blackened legs are the perfect addition to any wooden top stain choice!

Approximate dimensions: 36" length x 28" width x 17" height


**Stain choices from bottom to top as seen in the listing photos: 


1. Kona, a gorgeous brownish/black

2. Dark Walnut, classic dark brown

3. Natural Wood, enough said...

4. American, warm lighter brown

5. Light Walnut, a light brown with hue of warmth

6. Gray, not weathered, just a simple gray

7. Antique White, classic, simple and delightful

Dimensions: Approximately 36" wide x 48" length x 19" height

Our timeline is 4-6 weeks shipment date from receipt of order.

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