Medium Salvaged Block Seat/Side Table/Coffee Table

Medium Salvaged Block Seat/Side Table/Coffee Table


Our medium block is our most versatile size. It can be a stand alone block used for seating, side tables or decor or it can be paired with 4 or more to create a coffee table or larger accent table for your space. 

Creating the salvaged block collection is a multi-step process. Fallen trees spend two years drying. Once dry, the logs are cut to the appropriate height, then shaped to fit the dimensions of the block. The blocks are then preserved for several weeks to delay or even eliminate the cracking that naturally occurs as the wood continues the natural drying process. The last and most rewarding step is adding several layers of stain for a truly stunning outcome and finish.

Each block is handmade and therefore unique and will vary slightly from piece to piece.  Approximately 14” high x 14” length x 14” width in size. 

The block(s) come with small rubber footers attached for ideal showcasing and usability.  Please inquire about other footing options such as rolling/locking casters. 

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