Floating Maple Shelf w/ Diagonal Shaped Brackets

Floating Maple Shelf w/ Diagonal Shaped Brackets

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Our beautiful floating maple shelf is made from salvaged maple trees native to the Pacific Northwest. Each piece is hand selected, routed, planed, sanded, stained and varnished. 

The shelf is approximately 32" length x 9" depth x 1" width

Our Diagonal Shaped brackets are a way to add style to pair with your shelf. Your powder coat options are raw metal w/ clear coat enamel or satin black powder coating. Ensure that the shelf brackets are installed on wall studs that are 16" apart behind dry wall, typically. 

**Stain choices from bottom to top as seen in the listing photos: 

1. Kona, a gorgeous brownish/black
2. Dark Walnut, classic dark brown
3. Natural Wood, enough said...
4. American, warm lighter brown
5. Light Walnut, a light brown with hue of warmth
6. Gray, not weathered, just a plain gray
7. Antique White, classic, simple and delightful

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