Red + Black Buffalo Pendleton Plaid Crossbody/Fanny Pack

Red + Black Buffalo Pendleton Plaid Crossbody/Fanny Pack


Big Fir Market is excited to help you find the perfect Tote for your everyday essentials and/or as a new travel companion. Salato Designs has created this beautifully, hand made tote with a modern design both inside and out.

Enjoy our Pendleton® Wool Fanny Pack/Crossbody! Hands free yet still cute! This is MADE to ORDER so the print placement may not be the same. 

This is the perfect way to carry all of your essentials and not have to worry about putting it down. This has two zipper openings. This is made with a red and black Pendleton wool and a black Leather. You can also extend the waist strap to make the fanny pack a crossbody or shoulder bag…It's a two bags in one.

-6in Tall
-9in Long
-2in Deep
-Waist adjustable strap/purse strap!! All Fanny packs come with an adjustable leather strap. 

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