Birfini Throw

Birfini Throw


The Birfini Throw is a beautifully made piece inspired by traditional handmade Mailan Cotton fabric produced in the 12th century. With this piece, several cloth strips are woven together and then dyed in fermented mud, creating the timeless mud cloth.

This throw not only provides a sense of historical relevance, but also an intriguing story expressed by its symbols. It is our hope that you adore this throw as much as we do. 

Our Seek & Swoon throws are made available through a local designer. She was inspired to create this company built off of her world wide travels and the experiences made with her husband and two young sons. Enjoy the coziness this throw will bring into your home.

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  • Colors: black/white

  • Size: 50"x60" (standard)

  • Materials: 75% recycled cotton, 25% recycled polyester.

  • Care: machine wash cold/cool, tumble dry low/delicate.

  • Designed in Portland, Oregon. Made in the USA.

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